Effects of Media Content On General Public

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Effects of Media Content On General Public

There are a number of ways in there is likely to be impact of the media content on the overall engagement of the general public. This can be considered to the have created factors which are responsible for the management and development of the work norms that are supposed to provide engagement of the audience.

First, it provides the management of cognitive effects which refer to the manner in which media is likely to have short term learning of information on the basis of the media effect. In such kind of conditions, the learning of the users is dependent on the management of the media.

Second, Attitudinal effects which refers to the manner in which the behavioral patterns and attitudes of the people are likely to be influenced and impacted on the account of the features which are related to the experiences of the media. In this kind of condition, the behavioral patterns of the people are influenced by the messages which are shown within the media factors.

Third, psychological effects which refers to the manner in which media would be influencing feelings which are associated with joy, fear, etc. This would explain the manner in which overall working norms of the media management would be impacting the growth of the work needs.

Fourth, medium effects which refers to the platform of media which is used to influence the changes in the behavioral patterns and working norms of the media. In such kind of manner, there would be factors in which the development of behavioral patterns of the media would be created on the basis of the platforms which are likely to be used in media.

Summary of the program/computer game

The computer game by the name of Doom was released in the year 2016. It is developed and owned by id Software and has been able to get tremendous areas and volume of commercial success. Such kind of commercial success of the computer game can be contributed to the superior elements of the story line which connects with the audience along with the details of the graphics and animation which has been developed within the working of the game.

The computer game has been criticized for the excessive levels of violence and killing which has been seen with the management of the game levels. Concepts associated with killings and violent controlling norms have been considered to have a wrong kind of impact on the quality of the learning and social skills development of the users especially children. This would mean that the creation of the levels of the games reduce the chances and impact of the overall management of the norms which are related to the process in which work conditions are supposed to be managed.

The explicit use of violence and related images can be considered to have created impact on the overall development of the management of the work norms and would be creating issues in terms of the development of the right kind of work norms forms for the growth and development of the overall requirements of healthy development of the work systems of the users.

Negative effects with the media effect frame

In terms of the media effect frame, Doom computer game influences two elements i.e. psychological and attitudinal effects. It creates attitudes among the users and young people regarding the desire and idea of indulging in killing for the purpose of winning at the different levels of the game. This idea of connecting the success of the users with the norms of killing would be creating ideas which are associated with promoting the use of killing for furthering a person’s attitude. It promotes the use of attitude which would be seeped into acts of killing in order to establish domination.

Secondly, it would create analysis of the psychological impact in terms of the manner in which there would be violence and element of fear would be promoted through the game. This would ensure that the people and users would be looking at the process in which there would be promotion of violent norms of psychological nature. This would be creating a lot of negative psychological quality within the management of the work systems of the users and they would be influenced by violent trends and similar engagement of emotions.

Considerations a responsible individual should bear in mind as a media consumer

There would be requirement for the creation of responsible nature during the course of managing the elements related to media consumption. Such kind of factors would have to be related to the need for ensuring that there would be expansion of the right kind of attitudinal attention. There would be necessity for the media consumption to reduce the chances of creating negative behavioral patterns related to violent acts.

Secondly, the media consumers would also have to check the psychological impact of the games and programs. There is a strong degree of chance that the creation of the details of the media program would be creating scope for the negative feelings. Such kind of feelings may be attributed to the presence of anti-social feelings which would not be promoting the presence of togetherness and sense of cooperation with the surroundings of the people.

Therefore, as responsible media consumer, people would have to take care of the manner in which feelings, emotions and attitudes are likely to be impacted. There would have to management of these elements to prevent the harmful engagement of these kinds of factors.

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