The Web Interactive Situation Quiz

The Web Interactive Situation Quiz

the web interactive situation quizQ1. Your friend gave you a flash drive containing photos from a weekend event. After you copy the files, you notice a bunch of .DS files in addition to labeled photos. These files can be deleted because they are simply resource fork files from a Mac.

Q2. Every time you want to edit a photo, your PC pulls up a Viewer application that has no editing capabilities. To avoid this frustration in the future, you have to change the default application that is associated with the JPEG and PNG file extensions.

Q3. Your friend has an iPod Touch that’s loaded with all kinds of applications. But every time there’s a software update, your friend grumbles about “redoing stuff.” You guess that your friend’s iPod is jailbroken.

Q4. Suppose that you’ve been hired to organize a professional skateboard competition. When you consider how you’ll need to use digital devices, you realize that you must collect information on each competitor and keep track of every competitive event. With at least two types of related records, you’ll probably need to use database software.

Q5. The screen above is likely to appear during the process of installing a software application.

Q6. While using several Windows programs at the same time, your computer displays an error message that refers to a program that is not responding. You recognize this message as one that might result from a(n) memory leak and decide to close the non responding program using Task Manager.

Q7. Your friend wants to open a window on his Mac computer in which he can run Microsoft Windows and play some games designed for the Windows platform. You tell your friend to create a(n)virtual machine using software such as Parallels Desktop.

Q8. Can you use a Windows application, create a document, and store it using the file name I L*ve NY? Yes or no? No

Q9. When specifying a location for a data file on your hard disk, you should avoid saving it in the root directory.

Q10. You have an old computer that you will donate to a school, but you want to make sure its hard disk contains no trace of your data. To do so, you use file shredder software that overwrites empty sectors with random 1s and 0s.