Wiley Business Technology Quiz 2

Wiley Business Technology Quiz Question Answer

wiley business technology quiz 2Q1. “Business Process” is defined as an ongoing collection of related activities that create a product/service to an organization? True

Q2. BPR stands for Business Process Recovery? False

Q3. An example of globalization is NAFTA? True

Q4. Cost Leadership Strategy is one strategy to gain a competitive advantage? True

Q5. There are six (6) characteristics of effective Business-IT Alignment. True

Q6. 85% of Business and IT executives agree that their companies have adequate alignment between IT and their business. False

Q7. Which of the following are examples of Business Processes?

  • Managing cash receipts.
  • Collecting sales tax.
  • Processing bills of material.
  • Applying healthcare benefits.
  • None of these.
  • All of these.

Q8. Business environment pressures can come from which of the following?

  • Management.
  • Cost reductions.
  • Political changes.
  • Quality control

Q9. The best known framework for analyzing competitiveness is?

  • Michael Porter’s value chain model.
  • Freidman’s ten flatteners.
  • Michael Porter’s competitive forces model.
  • Competitive globalization model.

Q10. Two strategies that a company can use to gain a competitive advantage are?

  • Customer-Orientation and Operational Effective Strategy.
  • Protection and Innovation Strategy.
  • Mass Customization and Cost Leadership Strategy.
  • Compliance and Innovation Strategy.

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