Stop Harassment and Bullying of Children With Disability at School

report writing help service ukChildren those who are born with disabilities or have become disabled as a result of some chronic disease, are exposed to various kinds of harassment and bullies in schools and other public places. These disabilities vary from physical to mental, developmental to sensory disabilities. Various research works have found out that few disabled children are also involved in bullying other disabled children. Besides bullying, the school authorities are also involved in discrimination. These children with special needs are often discriminated form others in the school. It has been noticed in the schools that these children are discriminated not only in the field of education but also in the field of athletics and sports.

Thus it is necessary for the education system as well as for the school authorities to focus on the special need to address the disabled students. There are few policies which can be implemented to prevent the bullying and harassment of these young students at schools. Individualized Education Programs (IEP) can be implemented wisely in the schools to uplift the developmental process of the students with special needs as well as to prevent unwanted discrimination and bullying. IEP has been developed with a view to implement the same in every public schools so that these students with special needs can be facilitated with extra care. It is a kind of written record which is formulated for those children who fall under the category of disability. This program can be created by all the public schools for the welfare of the disabled children. This program is a kind of joint effort and team work which can be formulated to help these children with equal treatment (Smith, 1990).

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IEP enables the school to provide these children with special kind of education which is appropriate for them to understand and learn. Before a child is included into this category, he or she must fulfill the criteria of special child. The child should have some kind of disability and she should have the extreme situation of not understanding education meant for general students. This program might vary from school to school and state to state. The program can be modified according to the urgency and necessity. Hence the recorded program is put under scan every year in order to include any modification if needed (Smith, 1990).

The parents and the guardians of these children should be were of the program and the benefits of the same. It has been noted that parents of disabled children are afraid to send them to public schools because they are prone to be harassed, bullied and discriminated by other students, school authorities and faculties. Thus the parents should be assured by the school authorities about their endeavors to educate and develop the children with disabilities. IN order to make them aware the school officials and authorities may organize a campaign to exhibit their special facilities provided to the special children. The school officials should undertake the responsibility to publish advertisements of the school by stating their special privileges. By publicizing about the program, the school officials will be able to draw attention of the parents and thus they will be able to rely on public schools and send their children to the schools regularly.

Civil Rights are very important for these children because they are often exposed to the danger of harassment and discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 can be implemented to charge the school authorities who do not safeguard the disabled children from bullying and discrimination. Civil Rights of 1964 “prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin in programs and activities” (“Title VI Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 42 U.S.C. § 2000d Et Seq. | CRT | Department of Justice”, 2017). If any school, which receives federal assistance financially, is found to discriminate students on the above mentioned grounds, the financial aids should be immediately discontinued. If the matter worsens the school authorities might face legal actions. Therefore, the school officials can be made aware of this Act by the state so that the school authorities might take appropriate steps to restrain this kind of discrimination in future. The school authorities can be provided with legal notice in order to warn them about the consequences of discriminating children. Implementation of this Act will of course interest the parents of these children because they will feel safe to send their kids to the school without worrying mush about adverse consequences (“Title VI Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 42 U.S.C. § 2000d Et Seq. | CRT | Department of Justice”, 2017).

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Children often suffer from diseases with extreme severity. These students therefore cannot travel everyday to the school. But that does not mean they cannot attain higher education. The schools need to provide these students with proper accommodation. The severity may range from skin or food allergies, diabetes, epilepsy etc. These students need regular medical supervision. Therefore the school officials and authorities are responsible to educate the teaching faculties as well as other working staff about the sensitivity and severity of these children. This special training will enable the teachers and other staff to facilitate these students with proper treatment besides educating them.

Proper communication with the parents and other concerned stakeholders will help the school authorities to build up such infrastructure. The school authorities might hold meetings with the parents and the stakeholders in order to convey the message and proposal. The proposal of building up an infrastructure which will be able to accommodate the children having severe disabilities will of course draw the attention of majority. The general public should be aware of the existence of such severe disabilities and the parents should know that they might send their children to the school safely.

Sometimes bullying and harassment in the school premises crosses all the limits. It takes the shape of hostility and cruelty when other students persistently bully and harass students with recognized disabilities. The Rehabilitation Act which was enacted in the year 1973 can be implemented to stop such unruly behavior (“OASAM”, 2017). The school authorities can even take steps against such bullying by implementing Disabilities Act of 1990. The school officials are responsible to make the parents and other concerned local guardians about the Acts and Laws which can be implemented to safeguard the children with disabilities. This will further increase their reliance on the school authorities and they will find it easier to send their children. In order to make the stakeholders and other local communities aware of the legal acts, the school officials might opt for pamphlets to spread the awareness. Magazines and other daily newspapers are also good options to make them feel interested in sending their kids to the schools.

Lately there has been increasing efforts to stop the bullying and harassment of disabled in public schools. This has become widespread practice in the US and therefore it can be referred to as revolution for human rights. This widespread agitation has also enabled the disabled students to have access to the rights and other policies. These basic civil rights and acts have assured to protect their basic rights to existence and education. Till now public was aware of the protection of the students belonging to minority group and class. But the recent upheaval has led the US Constitution to pass special Acts to protect the interests of disabled students. The school authorities have also undertaken few policies and programs for the welfare of their students and the special children.


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