Organic Chemistry Assignment Help

Organic Chemistry Assignment Help

organic chemistry assignment helpOrganic chemistry is one of the major chemistry disciplinary sciences that involve the study of structure, function and properties of carbon containing chemical compounds which gives students a lot of stress due to which they need organic chemistry assignment help. Students these days, have a lot of options as far as organic chemistry homework help is concerned. And so there is absolutely no need of feeling stressed because of it. You may at times struggle to research the topics on the Internet but still not get relevant information. In a scenario like this, you can connect with Ask Assignment Help to get high quality organic chemistry assignment help from professional tutors 24X7.

Hydrocarbons are the compounds with carbon (C) and hydrogen (H)atoms and elements like nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) associated with carbon, which forms the skeletal background of organic studies with various applications include medicinal, polymer and organometallic industries. All earthly life is made of organic compounds and the discovery of petroleum led to the invention of organic compounds and petro chemistry. Biochemistry also has an association with this chemistry as the biological interactions in a living system contain biochemical. We at Ask Assignment Help provide quality organic chemistry assignment help to students who want to score better grades for their assignments.

Carbon compounds are of two types: inorganic (derived from non-living matter) and organic (obtained from plant and animal sources).Friedrich Wohler, a German scientist created urea (organic compound) from ammonium cyanate (inorganic compound) thereby, proposing the vital force theory of life process. A group of organic compound with similar structural and chemical properties with difference in CH2 comprises homologous series. Hydrocarbons are simple organic compound with carbon and hydrogen: carbon-carbon bonding might be single, double or triple bonds. They are of two types, saturated – alkanes (single bond e.g. CH4 – methane and CH3-CH3 – ethane) and unsaturated hydrocarbons – alkenes (double bond e.g. CH2=CH2 – ethene and CH3CH=CH2 – propene) and alkynes (triple bond e.g. HC=CH – ethyne and H3C-C=CH – propyne). When you decide to invest your money to get high quality organic chemistry assignment help from our subject experts, we remain truly dedicated to you and commit to offer you the best and most appropriate solutions.

Organic Chemistry Homework Help

While dealing with homework, we know and understand how troublesome your life can get. We also know that it’s the only time when you can completely enjoy your life because after passing out, you shall be moving into your new phase of life, i.e., professionalism. Looking at the bigger picture, we assure you that you can live a stress-free student life once you contact Ask Assignment Help to get organic chemistry homework help. Not only will you be able to get your assignments done in a better manner, but will also get more time to focus on your exams. Homework, at times, can be a stumbling block in your focus on exams and so, by seeking organic chemistry homework help, you can be assured of managing good grades and getting organic chemistry homework help from qualified professionals. The functional group is defined as the atom or groups of atoms or reactive part that is responsible for the properties of the compounds. The functional group determines the chemical properties of the organic compound and the other part of the molecules determine the physical properties. They are classified as: alcohol: functional group R – OH; aldehydes: R – CHO; ketone: R – CO – R’ and carboxylic acids: R – COOH.

These compounds are used variously in medicines, dyes, explosives, polymers, odors and detergents. Aliphatic and aromatic compounds are categorized based on the carbon atom connectivity. If the C atoms are connected by straight or branched chains or non-aromatic rings (acyclic) or joined by single (alkane), double (alkene) or triple bonds (alkyne), they are aliphatic compounds. Aromatics are those with conjugated ring of unsaturated bonds i.e. benzene rings. Heterocyclic compounds are referred to as the hydrocarbons either attached directly to the ring or to a member of the ring e.g. alkaloids, steroids and nucleic acid. The properties of organic compounds provide the quantitative information like boiling and melting point and refractive index whereas the qualitative assessment details the color, odor, solubility and stability. These compounds have to be synthesized to carry out a nominal organic reaction for producing targeted molecule depending on the source.