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Molecular Biology Assignment Help

molecular biology assignment helpMolecular biology is the study of molecular interactions in the biological systems, which is interlinked by physical forces and chemical sciences. Cell is the basic unit of life that is composed of various components like cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes and nucleus. All biomolecules contain carbon (C) compounds linked by covalent bonds and hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and nitrogen (N) shares the electrons with C. Many students find it difficult to cope up with molecular biology assignments due to which they need molecular biology assignment help from professional experts. Ask Assignment Help is the leading provider of molecular biology homework help around the World.

The notable feature in any living system is the utilization and transformation of energy that is captured by ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate – oxidase) biomolecules: chemically stored useful energy. The biological molecules undergo processes like cell division, replication, transcription and translation to grow and perform metabolic and functional activities. The assignment problems of molecular biology are known to students but they are given in more challenging and improved way so that the students can strive and struggle more to get the best molecular biology assignment help. Hence, Ask Assignment Help creates the students learning productive, which further proceeds towards a bright future.

DNA, RNA and proteins are the three major biopolymers. The nucleus in a cell contains segments carrying genetic information, called genes. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in genes, mostly double stranded (ds) and sometime single stranded (ss). Nucleotides include the bases Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Thymine (T) and Cytosine (C). RNA (ribonucleic acid) is similar to DNA and mostly single stranded, with two differences: the backbone is ribose instead of deoxyribose and Uracil (U) replaces the base Thymine (T). The base pairing of adenine is with thymine (in DNA)/uracil (in RNA) (A = T/U) and cytosine with guanine(C ≡ G). Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are of 20 different types. DNA encodes each protein by genetic code system. Most of the times students look out for molecular biology assignment help from professional experts of USA and UK only, who have a stronger grasp of all theories and concepts so that you can get high quality solutions.

Molecular Biology Homework Help

The central dogma of molecular biology is ‘DNA makes RNA makes protein’. This forms an outline for the sequence transfer. DNA replication begins by unwinding dsDNA, each strand acts as a template and free nucleotides binds to their complementary base pair on the single strands to produce new DNA. DNA replication is directed of 5’ – 3’ direction and DNA polymerase, primase, helicase and RNA primer are involved in producing complementary DNA; transcription is the copying of DNA to RNA – DNA transcribes to RNA by the action of RNA polymerase enzyme that splits the dsDNA and copies one strand of DNA to messenger RNA (mRNA); and proteins are synthesized/translated from template mRNA. We know that there is vast data available online for molecular biology homework help but not everyone can access it. Our apt writers on the other hand, have access to different scholarly databases, which are utilized to provide you molecular biology homework help. Also, our professional team comprises of highly qualified, well-versed and experienced experts. They have been writing assignments and research papers for all levels from Graduate to Doctorate.

Any defect in the processes leads to genetic, protein or metabolic disorders and diseases. Modern tools of molecular biology like genome sequence analysis, polymorphism study analysis, hybridization and gene therapy techniques enhance the medical and pharmaceutical industries for drug development and various other purposes. To sum up, molecular biology explain the cells possess a three-dimensional structure(Protein) of the interaction molecules as these undergo various chemical reactions within the life entities and the genetic information is transferred from one generation to another by one-dimensional information storage system(DNA) whereas RNA serves an intermediary purpose in conversion of information. We carefully address all your demands along with utilizing our resources and expertise to ensure excellent dissertation. Your satisfaction is our primary agenda and that’s why we only hire credible, certified and determined writers. Also, you can easily get top-quality molecular biology assignment help without stressing yourself unnecessarily day and night.