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Biology assignment helpBiology is the study of life and living organisms, often referred to as natural science. The term biology is derived from Greek word ‘bios’ meaning ‘life’ (Plants, animals, microns and humans) and ‘logos’ meaning ‘to study’. Plants are used as food, medicines, herbal drugs, and shelter likewise animals as nutriment, healthy products and cosmetics. The history of biology is tracked from Greek and Roman age that led to the discovery of medicines and immune studies. Biology elucidates the structure, function, nature, composition, growth and development, life existence and progression, classification and taxonomical differentiation of the living forms. Cell theory, Evolution, genetics and homeostasis are the fundamental aspects to fathom modern biology.

 Biology is important for everyday life to all forms of life existing in the world. It offers the basic needs for human life: the food, medicine, shelter and space. Crops, vegetables, fruits, cereals, spices and seasonings are the plant products; similarly animal products like dairy, meat, eggs, animal fibers, pearls, leather, manure, wool and silk are beneficial and valued resources for the welfare of mankind. The discovery of medicines like herbal and therapeutic plants, antibiotics,vaccine and enzyme production are little instances to showcase the importance of biology. Oxygen and carbon dioxide forms the key for living: humans take oxygen form plants and return carbon dioxide as well as utilize the floras as nutritional element. Environmental management, preserving biosphere and ecosystem, pollution and population control, creating awareness of surrounding prominence helps to realize the structure of the community. Molecular study of human cells, Deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA), Ribonucleic acid (RNA), proteins, enzymes, antigens and antibodies, immunoglobulin and blood cells reciprocate to maintain healthy physique with definite hygiene. Pesticides and insecticides, microbial pesticides (microbes used in pest control of crops), recombinant technology, hybridoma technology, proteomics and genomics are the developing scope of biological fields which is shown to deliver promising results taking biology to next level. Current trend in biology research focuses in biomedical fields by formulating drugs for incurable diseases, discovering cure for cancer, and HIV and AIDS, in addition to ensuring to develop better world free from problematic disputes.Ultimately, biology determines how we feel, what we execute and why we perform with regard to everything under the sun. We assure you that our expert team will provide you the best, high quality and reliable biology assignment help at affordable prices.

It is very essential to apprehend human body, structure and function, and environmental cooperation. Biology embraces disparate issues from evolution of humans, organization and purpose of living forms, physiological, genetic and molecular level understanding, technological functioning, medicinal and drug effects, environmental conventions and control, nutrition and health and relationship of living and non-living forms on earth. To be simple, the study of biology is everything without which understanding life is arduous and convalesces the quality of living forms.

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