Create an Investment Portfolio for a Risk Averse Investor


Finance Coursework – Create an Investment Portfolio for a Risk Averse Investor

Sign at least three shares from DOW JONES Industrial Average (Dow Jones 30) components, create an investment portfolio for a risk-averse investor, and another portfolio for an investor with relatively high risk tolerance. You are required to use the period January 2016 – December 2016 for your daily data from Yahoo or Google Finance to create your portfolio.

Then in 2500 words Outline in a report the choice you made in creating these portfolios, and discuss the underlying portfolio theory. Compare and contrast the two portfolios in terms of return and risk. Choose appropriate portfolio performance measures to evaluate the two portfolios. Assess how each portfolio performed out of sample in January 2017.

Special emphasis on MPT (modern portfolio theory) and Markowits portfolio Theory

The marking criteria are indicative to the elements that one might wish to address in your report. Selection of assets & portfolio allocation must be clearly stated and justified. Modern portfolio theory and relevant concepts should be applied, discussed and explained. Explanation of the criteria used to make such a set of choices should be clearly discussed and their limitations considered. Any limitations of the approach you have used to create your portfolio should be considered. Any metrics for measuring the out of sample outcomes for your portfolio

The candidate must : 1. Apply fundamental analysis to determine the advantages of diversification. 2. Work out an optimal portfolio. Evaluate the performance of a portfolio.

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