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Computer Basics: Digital Devices Quick Quiz

Unit 2, Section A: Device Basics Quick Quiz

  1. A computer is a multipurpose device that accepts input, processes data, stores data, and produces output, all according to the instruction of a(n) stored program.
  2. An operating system is an example of system software.
  3. The main circuit board in a digital device is called a(n) system board.
  4. Three form factors for digital devices are slate, compact, and clam-shell.
  5. Touchscreens on many digital devices have a(n) oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints.

Unit 2, Section B: Device Options Quick Quiz

  1. Google and other Web service providers use banks of servers to process and manage data.
  2. Windows is the operating system used on desktop and laptop PCs. What is the equivalent operating system for Apple computers? OS X
  3. A(n) desktop computer is the only type of personal computer that must remain plugged into an electrical source during operation.
  4. Smartphones are the most popular digital devices worldwide.
  5. Compatibility is primarily controlled by a device’s operating system.

Unit 2, Section C: Processors and Memory Quick Quiz

  1. A laptop with an Intel Core i7 microprocessor operates at a speed of 3.4 GHz. (Hint: Use the abbreviation.)
  2. 8088, i7, and Athlon A6 are X86 compatible microprocessors.
  3. The two main parts of a microprocessor include the ALU and the control unit.
  4. Because RAM is volatile, it cannot retain data in a device that is turned off.
  5. The instructions for loading the operating system into RAM when a device is first turned on are stored in ROM. (Hint: Use the acronym.)

Unit 2, Section D: Storage Quick Quiz

  1. A magnetic storage device uses a read-write head to magnetize particles that represent data.
  2. A hard disk drive that is rated at a speed of 7200 RPM will provide faster access to your data than a drive rated at 5400. (Hint: Use the acronym.)
  3. CD-R technology allows you to write data on a disc and then change that data. True or false?FALSE
  4. A(n) SSD uses the same storage technology as a USB flash drive but is not designed to be removable. (Hint: Use the acronym.)
  5. A disk IMAGE is a bit-for-bit copy of the contents of a hard disk, created as a backup in case of a hard drive failure.

Unit 2, Section E: Input and Output Quick Quiz

  1. The expansion bus carries data from an external device to RAM.
  2. Bluetooth is a slow wireless technology used to connect devices within a radius of about 30 feet.
  3. A(n) GPU handles image data, freeing the CPU for other processing tasks. (Hint: Use the acronym.)
  4. The two most common technologies used for touchscreen displays are resistive and capacitive.
  5. The most commonly used general-purpose technology for connecting gadgets to laptop and desktop computers is a(n) USB

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