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Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help

cash flow statement assignment helpCash flow statement can be defined as the financial statement that shows the inflow and the outflow of the cash (owned and received), during a specified period of time occurring out of the operating, investing and financing activities. It depicts the cash position of the business. It is not for long term planning as other financial statements. Overcome the hurdles of your assignment with our cash flow statement assignment help without putting a dent in your wallet. Ask Assignment Help provides high quality and reliable cash flow statement homework help around the World. Our student friendly rates ensure that you get the best value for your money. Cash flow statement gives a picture about the liquidity of the business in the short term. It shows how liquid is the business or how much cash is there that actually has a bearing on the business in the long term. As mentioned in the definition above, here cash flow statement need not just be the cash in hand only (Depends on which method is used). It also includes the cash that is to be received in that period or the expected or realized returns on an investment.

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Cash Flow Statement Homework Help

Cash flow statement homework help comprises of expenses and revenues out of three basic activities – Operating activities, Investing activities & Financing activities. Operating activities includes those where the inflow and outflow of cash arises out of the daily operations of the business. Cash from operations generally comprises of cash, accounts receivables and payable, inventory and depreciation etc. Investing activities includes cash received from the sale of any assets and cash outflow by way of investment in any asset such as machinery, land etc. Financing activities are those where cash inflow and outflow happens out of lending and borrowing activities. Change in debt, dividend payments etc are part of Financing activities.

Worldwide, there are basically two concepts can be used while preparing the Cash flow statement. One is Direct Method where the actual or real cash is considered while making the entries and other one is Indirect Method where both real cash as well as accrued income is considered. Accrued income or expenditure refers to the cash which has been earned or owed but will be received or paid in short term. Get your Cash flow statement homework done in a flash with our panel of professional experts. All our professional experts hold Master or PhD degrees and take full charge of your homework to make you score the best in your class.

When we will look at the definition of a business, that itself has the feature of being long term in nature. However if in the short term, the business is not liquid enough to take care of its short term position and is not liquid enough then it will definitely affect the business in the long run. A financial health of the business majorly depends on the fact that how solvent the company can be in the short term. A good Cash Flow position shows that the business has enough cash to pay off the creditors or to buy inventory. It also facilitates in planning for the future and making long term investments. For making any type of investment or requiring funds for the same by way of borrowing through financial institutions is also dependent on company’s Cash Flow Statement. It is the current status and liquidity of the business that can help them to borrow. As no lender would give money to an organization which does not have enough cash to meet its short term requirements. Cash Flow Statement is thus a reflection of the financial health of the organization.